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Major General Joseph Wheeler, Camp #863 is part of the 13th Brigade of the Georgia Divison of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Our camp headquarters is based in the "Olde Towne" district of the city of Conyers Georgia, about 30 miles east of Atlanta at the Philologia Masonic Lodge, 1005 Milstead Avenue, just down the street from the Rockdale County Courthouse Complex. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a Historical Honor Society. Our mission is a simple one, to protect and preserve the accurate history of the Confederacy and the legacy of our ancestors that took up the Confederate Cause during the War Between The States. 

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our virtual encampment here on our official web site. We hope you find what we present here to be infomative, educational, and useful to you. We also ask you to consider becoming a member or a friend of our encampment, or another SCV encampment if another is closer to where you live. Your participation is welcome and most needed! 

Please consider joining us in our cause!

Our Next Monthly Membership Meeting 

Tuesday, November 8th, 2015 - 7:30pm 
Philologia Masonic Lodge
1005 Milstead Avenue,

Our October 2016 Newsletter
is now online!
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A few words from the Web Master

By Hal Doby, Web Master, October 17, 2016
Hello Everyone
How time flies! I can't believe another two years have flown by. At our November Monthly Membership Meeting, we will be taking nominations for all of our Elected Camp Staff positions. These will be voted upon at the December Meeting.

Along with our own elections, our November Membership Meeting is being held the night of the big Presidential election. Being a registered non-profit organization, we in the SCV cannot "officially" take a stance in promoting one candidate or the other, even though I have the feeling how many of my brethren will vote.

However, we can say with full passion that we ask all our compatriots, friends, and relatives to go out and exercise your right to vote! There are just too many folk out there that do not realize what a grand thing it is to evercise to make your voice heard via the ballot box.

Something else I feel I can say is that both Democrats and Republicans are doing more mud-slinging than ever before. It is raining down as such a pace, it is making a lot of people not want to vote. PLEASE look beyond the mud and take a hard look at what each candidate is offering in the way of policies and solutions. The politicians do not want you to do that, which this is being turned into a popularity contast. BOTH Presidential Candidates are flawed in a number of ways, but they have totally different ways they want to govern our nation. The stakes have never been higher, so please take time to VOTE!!!!!!

As always, if you have something to say or share and would like it to be posted on our website, please contact me directly and I'll be more than happy to accomodate you. 
That's all for now, Please enjoy the web site.
Hal Doby, Web Master
SCV Camp 863, Maj.-Gen. Joesph Wheeler